Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Two-Faced Runner

Okay, I toughed it out and ran in the pouring rain again last night, but I wimped out when it came to going the 15/5. I decided to stay at 10/5, 10/5 again this week. Part of this is because Jim was having stomach troubles last night and it wouldn't have been a pretty sight if he finished the run. I finished both 10-minute runs but didn't want to extend either of them until he's feeling better. It just makes it easier to train when we're in the same mode.

So with one face wimpy and the other determined, this two-faced runner leaves you for today. I'm off to the yard sales to find some awesomely creative things to plant my container veggie garden in.


Ames said...

Well, you know, even if you run the whole marathon doing 10/5, that will still be an awesome accomplishment. Some people walk the whole thing, don't they?

Terri said...

Karen, good job running in the rain - I did it tonight too and was quite proud of myself afterward, although during part of the run, it was miserable!!
And I agree with Ames, there's nothing wrong with running and walking through the marathon.