Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well, I am thoroughly ashamed to announce that this is the first time I've even attempted running -- or walking, for that matter--since waxing poetic in my last post.

As I was contemplating going out for a run, my 18-yr-old, feeling flu-ish, asked me to please get him some tylenol PM. I obliged, went out to start the car that he had used earlier in the day, and realized it wouldn't start because he'd left the lights on. Now I HAD to walk to the store, so walk I did. I went down to the store and then decided....'hey, I'm out here, why not try to I did.

OH MY WORD. HOLY MOLEY. What kind of moron works up to 14-milers and then wastes all that training? This one. It was very discouraging. It was like starting from scratch while carrying a 25-lb sack of potatoes around my waist.

I have got some serious work cut out for me. I've got to lose 25 pounds and learn to run a stinkin' mile again. UG.

Thanks so much to those of you who have checked in to find out where I've been. I so appreciate the motivation and encouragement......even if it's taken a while for me to get started.

Jim has been working out of town for the last 5 months. In another week and a half, he starts a new position in Ann Arbor so we'll actually be able to run together again. It's been a very long 5-months.