Friday, September 26, 2008

A Change in Scenery

It looks like I'll be spending more time smelling chlorine and less time staring at asphalt. I went to the Sports Medicine Doc today. Being an inexperienced runner, I just wasn't sure if the pain was something I should get tough and run through or rest from. Apparently, my instincts were correct. I shouldn't be running right now. I will be going to the physiotherapist thrice next week, and every week up until the marathon. In the meantime, he has suggested that I swim like crazy to keep the cardio workout intense without bothering my legs.

It is actually my bursa in the upper portion of my lower leg. I just thought it was my calf muscle. He thinks I might still have a shot at completing the marathon, but we'll have to see. It was just nice to be able to pinpoint exactly what the problem is. This guy was good! He asked more questions and listened more than any doctor I've ever had in any field of medicine. His staff was terrific. If you live anywhere near here, and find yourself needing a Sports Medicine guy, give him a call.....Dr. Michael Montico in Milford, MI. He's a family practice doc as well.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


What the heck? My left calf hurts so bad that I limp when I try to run. Something tells me I shouldn't try to run through this. Not this week! Not so close to the marathon! I HAVE to do the long run this week!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Summary

Out the door at 9:00
Run 13.5 miles
Come home
Take Advil
Take ice bath
Stuff face full of food
Take 3-mile walk with daughter
Sit at park for a while
Order pizza
Pick up and eat pizza
Web surf and find out encouraging news about Detroit Marathon here *
Dream about sleep.

*While this might merely be an elevation map to some, to me it means that I probably can actually handle this's all flat but the bridge and the tunnel!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What Kind of Fool Am I?

Well, I got all my mid-week mileage in (18 miles) and my long run is tomorrow morning. In theory.

Carrie was at a birthday party all day long so Jim and I decided to go out for "a little bike ride."

Heaven help us.

It was gorgeous out, we were feeling good, the breeze was blowing, it smelled like fall, and we had a little energy. Before we knew it, we were 13 miles away from home! Then we had to come back. Mind you, neither of us has been on a bike for more than 8 miles since we were like 19 years old. That, my gentle reader, was a l---o-----n----g time ago. We stopped at Starbucks about .2 miles from home and walking felt like I had been riding a horse all day. "Hey, look at those funny old people who can barely walk!"

We somehow made it home, took our Advil, and are now resting comfortably. Somehow I don't think 26.5 mile bike ride was a smart thing to do, seeing that I will be starting my 18-mile run less than 12 hours from now. Live and learn. What an idiot. I've got to say though, whatever happens, it was worth it. We had fun.

Have a good long run everyone! I can't believe most of our marathons are less than a month away! How exciting! I still finish a long run and say to myself, "Wow! I can't believe I just did that!"

Monday, September 15, 2008

My long-ish Run

Due to the unusually busy weekend, I did my long run (sort of) this morning. I cut it nearly in half, but I'm going to do that same distance for all my short runs this week, then my 16 on Sunday. That should catch me up without doing too much damage.

Today's run was kind of fun. This was the first time I ran for an hour in the dark so that was interesting. It was also raining, which I really don't mind, except that I didn't want to get the Garmin soaked. I was certain I would trip over some half-rotted deer or raccoon carcass laying by the side of the road. I couldn't see anything! I had headlights shining in my eyes and it was pitch black out.

It eventually stopped raining, and got a little lighter out. One of the roads I cover on my long run is fairly busy that time of day and has some huge sweeping curves. I swear some of those commuters were taking them EXTRA wide trying to cull the running herds (or nerds, as the case may be).

Running in semi-wet running clothes has its disadvantages...... everything starts to ride up. One doesn't want to become a spectacle whilst running, of course, (nor sicken the passing motorists)so I was glad that it warmed up to the point where I needed to remove my running jacket and tie it around my waist.....thus covering my sorry backside and saving the eyes of the viewing public.

Most of the dirt roads were pock-marked with deep ruts and mud puddles this morning. Some were nearly impassable without almost twisting my ankle. With all that mud, I'm happy to report that I was only mud-splashed by a passing car once. It was unavoidable.

I got in 9.25 miles and believe it or not, I was happy with that. After freaking out about my training (or lack thereof), I've kind of given myself a virtual slap in the face back to reality. There is more to life than running. There are more important things than completing the marathon before I'm 50. I still plan on shooting for it, but if missing some of my training due to real life stuff is going to hamper goes on. I really think I still can pull it off and I'm certainly going to do my best........but as trivial as it may sound to some, a little girl's birthday party, family weddings, making sure we have clean laundry, actually cooking meals, spending time with my husband, etc., are all the REAL things that my life is made of. Running is great and I love being in shape! I need to run. I want to run. But it is a privilege and somewhat of a luxury to be able to spend nearly 8 hours a week pounding the pavement in a pair of expensive shoes. It's doing me a world of good, but if I go 22 miles instead of 26.2, the world will not end. There will be more chances in other races. Most other moments in life are not subject to 'do-overs'.....especially when it comes to motherhood & marriage. So, I'll keep working hard and see what happens. The goal hasn't changed....just my perspective.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Running while Panic-Stricken

Okay, just when am I supposed to do all this running? Now that the short runs are all long runs and the long runs are insane three+ hour-long ordeals......just how do I fit this all in and not desert my family entirely? We were in Chicago this weekend and I just couldn't do the long run. We had to leave somewhat early in the day and actually wanted to spend some time together as a family while we weren't zipping off to a wedding or something. So I probably really messed with my training but that's the breaks.

I'm on track for this week and I should be able to get all the runs in but next week Jim's going out of town again. With all of Carrie's older siblings(aka mom's running babysitters) in college, it's going to be tough to get the runs in again. There is the Y for the 5-milers but the mid-week 8 is pretty horrible on a treadmill. I guess I'll figure it out. At least it's cool out so I can go any time of day. Oh.....a stroke of genius! Maybe she can stay with grandma & grandpa during one of my runs next week! I'd have to drive over there but I can just borrow Jim's Garmin and run around there.

Anyway, excuse my panicked rant. I guess it's just that September is usually crazy for me anyway with homeschooling (and this year we're doing a co-op of sorts with two other families)but this September includes two family weddings, Carrie's birthday party for her friends on Saturday that I have almost nothing prepared for, two business trips for Jim, some new part-time work for me, and trying to emotionally & physically prepare myself for the marathon. I'm starting to have marathon dreams at night.....last night it was me, about 5 miles into the marathon realizing that I left my Endurolytes at home and nobody could make it back to get them for me.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Garmin is His New Best Friend

Jim LOVES the Garmin 305. Unfortunately, it kind of depresses him that he's not really able to do much mileage with his hammies the way they are. He's been using it on the bike and on some short runs. I might actually get to try it out this weekend in Chicago.

I've got to leave to pick my dearest up at the airport in a few minutes so I'll get going for now. Thanks to everyone who gave their thoughts on GPS devices when I was shopping!

Happy running!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Running While Remiss

I've been terribly neglectful of this blog of late. Real life has a way of getting in the way of blogging life. Now all the boys are in college & settled into their schedules. I'm meeting tomorrow with the other two moms in our little co-operative homeschooling arrangement. Our school year (for my almost-7-year-old) begins on Monday. I'm also doing some creative (hopefully) stuff for a friend's store in town. All these things have contributed to my dereliction of duties.

However, I HAVE been running! I did 13.5 instead of 16 this Sunday but considering that's 13.5 miles more than I could have run 4 months ago, I'm not complaining. No major problems, I just tuckered out and it was getting HOT outside!

I've got another 16 miles to run this Sunday while I'm in Chicago. I hear they actually have water & gatorade for runners along Lakeshore Drive because there are so many on Saturday and Sunday. That would certainly be nice. I'm a little bit nervous about it seeing that Jim won't be able to do the whole thing due to hamstring problems. He usually keeps me motivated when I'm ready to quit and go home. Also, I don't particularly like the idea of running by myself in a city where I'm not familiar with the route. I guess that's why I'm hoping there are lots of runners when I start out that morning.

One of the things that's tough for me when I run is just the sheer volume of time it takes to complete those long runs. I am slow to begin with but even if you're a little quicker it still takes a chunk of time. Is this just me? I guess I don't like always having to arrange something for Carrie week after week so that we can get our running done. I know that in the long run it's good for her to have healthy, fit parents but in the short term, she has a few really boring hours every week. Parental guilt. Does it ever end?

Along with neglecting my own blog, I've been lax in visiting some of yours. Some of you have posted such poignant words lately that provoked a lot of thought.

It's getting late. Time to get some sleep before I have more of that insanely good cornbread that I shouldn't have made tonight. Call it delicious but definitely don't call it health food.

'Night all!