Monday, September 15, 2008

My long-ish Run

Due to the unusually busy weekend, I did my long run (sort of) this morning. I cut it nearly in half, but I'm going to do that same distance for all my short runs this week, then my 16 on Sunday. That should catch me up without doing too much damage.

Today's run was kind of fun. This was the first time I ran for an hour in the dark so that was interesting. It was also raining, which I really don't mind, except that I didn't want to get the Garmin soaked. I was certain I would trip over some half-rotted deer or raccoon carcass laying by the side of the road. I couldn't see anything! I had headlights shining in my eyes and it was pitch black out.

It eventually stopped raining, and got a little lighter out. One of the roads I cover on my long run is fairly busy that time of day and has some huge sweeping curves. I swear some of those commuters were taking them EXTRA wide trying to cull the running herds (or nerds, as the case may be).

Running in semi-wet running clothes has its disadvantages...... everything starts to ride up. One doesn't want to become a spectacle whilst running, of course, (nor sicken the passing motorists)so I was glad that it warmed up to the point where I needed to remove my running jacket and tie it around my waist.....thus covering my sorry backside and saving the eyes of the viewing public.

Most of the dirt roads were pock-marked with deep ruts and mud puddles this morning. Some were nearly impassable without almost twisting my ankle. With all that mud, I'm happy to report that I was only mud-splashed by a passing car once. It was unavoidable.

I got in 9.25 miles and believe it or not, I was happy with that. After freaking out about my training (or lack thereof), I've kind of given myself a virtual slap in the face back to reality. There is more to life than running. There are more important things than completing the marathon before I'm 50. I still plan on shooting for it, but if missing some of my training due to real life stuff is going to hamper goes on. I really think I still can pull it off and I'm certainly going to do my best........but as trivial as it may sound to some, a little girl's birthday party, family weddings, making sure we have clean laundry, actually cooking meals, spending time with my husband, etc., are all the REAL things that my life is made of. Running is great and I love being in shape! I need to run. I want to run. But it is a privilege and somewhat of a luxury to be able to spend nearly 8 hours a week pounding the pavement in a pair of expensive shoes. It's doing me a world of good, but if I go 22 miles instead of 26.2, the world will not end. There will be more chances in other races. Most other moments in life are not subject to 'do-overs'.....especially when it comes to motherhood & marriage. So, I'll keep working hard and see what happens. The goal hasn't changed....just my perspective.


NB said...

Thankyou for writing that, I needed it. It helps to keep things in perspective and life does go on.

Terri said...

Thank you very much for the reality check!!! that I definitely need sometimes.