Saturday, September 20, 2008

What Kind of Fool Am I?

Well, I got all my mid-week mileage in (18 miles) and my long run is tomorrow morning. In theory.

Carrie was at a birthday party all day long so Jim and I decided to go out for "a little bike ride."

Heaven help us.

It was gorgeous out, we were feeling good, the breeze was blowing, it smelled like fall, and we had a little energy. Before we knew it, we were 13 miles away from home! Then we had to come back. Mind you, neither of us has been on a bike for more than 8 miles since we were like 19 years old. That, my gentle reader, was a l---o-----n----g time ago. We stopped at Starbucks about .2 miles from home and walking felt like I had been riding a horse all day. "Hey, look at those funny old people who can barely walk!"

We somehow made it home, took our Advil, and are now resting comfortably. Somehow I don't think 26.5 mile bike ride was a smart thing to do, seeing that I will be starting my 18-mile run less than 12 hours from now. Live and learn. What an idiot. I've got to say though, whatever happens, it was worth it. We had fun.

Have a good long run everyone! I can't believe most of our marathons are less than a month away! How exciting! I still finish a long run and say to myself, "Wow! I can't believe I just did that!"

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