Thursday, September 11, 2008

Running while Panic-Stricken

Okay, just when am I supposed to do all this running? Now that the short runs are all long runs and the long runs are insane three+ hour-long ordeals......just how do I fit this all in and not desert my family entirely? We were in Chicago this weekend and I just couldn't do the long run. We had to leave somewhat early in the day and actually wanted to spend some time together as a family while we weren't zipping off to a wedding or something. So I probably really messed with my training but that's the breaks.

I'm on track for this week and I should be able to get all the runs in but next week Jim's going out of town again. With all of Carrie's older siblings(aka mom's running babysitters) in college, it's going to be tough to get the runs in again. There is the Y for the 5-milers but the mid-week 8 is pretty horrible on a treadmill. I guess I'll figure it out. At least it's cool out so I can go any time of day. Oh.....a stroke of genius! Maybe she can stay with grandma & grandpa during one of my runs next week! I'd have to drive over there but I can just borrow Jim's Garmin and run around there.

Anyway, excuse my panicked rant. I guess it's just that September is usually crazy for me anyway with homeschooling (and this year we're doing a co-op of sorts with two other families)but this September includes two family weddings, Carrie's birthday party for her friends on Saturday that I have almost nothing prepared for, two business trips for Jim, some new part-time work for me, and trying to emotionally & physically prepare myself for the marathon. I'm starting to have marathon dreams at night.....last night it was me, about 5 miles into the marathon realizing that I left my Endurolytes at home and nobody could make it back to get them for me.


Ames said...

Can Carrie ride her bike with you? I just realized that my six-year-old can ride her bike over four miles without even breaking a sweat. She could have easily gone another few miles. It is worth a try, if it is not too hilly.

Anonymous said...

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