Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No - I'm NOT quitting!

Just revising the plan a bit. I decided it was probably not a great idea to start a training schedule in the middle of the busiest and coldest time of the year, for a number of reasons. First off, the shoes I have are great knock-around shoes, but they are not running shoes. I need to go spend some time at a running shop and get the best shoes for my feet so I don't end up in pain. My mom and sisters have foot troubles so I want to be cautious with whatever I do to my feet. Secondly, I need to get the proper cold weather gear. I don't want to interrupt my training for anything so I want to be prepared for any weather when I start.

The month of December will be a very crazy time as we are trying to put down a new floor, build cabinets, paint, repair drywall, etc. My husband just was promoted within his company and is putting in more hours. Then there's the obvious....Christmas shopping, decorating, baking, kids home from college, and my dh's birthday. All in all, this is not a realistic month to start a major adventure like marathon training.

I still intend to do this. I intend to start real pre-training by the book by February 1st. In the meantime, I will continue to lose weight, make a few trips to the Y, and get in good shape. I will not be posting on here until I start pre-training, so I will see you all then!