Friday, May 23, 2008

Addendum to the Addendum

Here is the whole story of that first women's olympic marathon. The woman's name from the prior post is Gabrielle Anderson-Scheiss and her time in that race was incredible. I was unable to find out what she did after that Olympics but she did recover quickly.


Ames said...

Thanks for posting the name. I was wondering who she is.

Ames said...

I just googled her name and your blog was the third hit.

Audrey said...

Just found your blog - good on you for training for a marathon! You can do it, and it'll be an adventure along the way.

NB said...

Hi Karen,
I too am preparing for a marathon- Oct 19th Nike Marathon in San Francisco.
Good job starting the training, and best of luck for the marathon.
Lived in Michigan, Troy for 8-9 years- great experience!!Loved the area, but finally the white powder 8 months of the year got to me.
Have fond memeories of the Detroit free press, Detroit- never thought I would say that!!.