Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's Been a Few Days....

....but I HAVE been training. I just haven't been posting. Last night I formally started incorporating running into it. The longest I could go was three minutes at a time of running, then back to walking extremely fast. I ran almost 1/4 of the time which isn't as good as I'd like to be doing, but it's still progress for a couch crumb like me! My knees and feet were fine....I just got winded and phlegmy...admittedly gross, but I guess that's part of being winded??? I don't know. This is uncharted territory for me.

We're getting ready to try again tonight. Jim's going, too. He just picked up his running shoes today. By the way, I bought a pair of compression shorts and some lightweight capri sweatpants to run in while it's still a little cooler. Those compression shorts are miracle workers! Very comfortable and they minimize the, um, not-yet-lost derriere fat! I wear the sweat pants over the shorts so it's all very modest and I feel less self-conscious. Then again, anything is a major improvement over my dufus-wear of the first few weeks.

I also got my first pair of running socks! Oh my! Those things are so comfy!

Tomorrow I'll give a rundown of upcoming races that I might enter just to have some short-term accomplishments along the way to the marathon.


Amy said...

I hear ya! I'm trying to be a runner too, its a journey! Keep at it :)

chris said...

Yeah, I think the phlegmy part is normal when you first start pushing yourself to your limit. It will pass. I think you are doing great and you are only going to get better.

BTW, buying running clothes is the best part about being a new runner! I love shopping for running gear!