Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Coming up with a Good Schedule

I forgot to post about Monday's run! Jim got home a little late from work, famished, so he had to eat before we went out. He wolfed some food down and we went out to run. Bad idea. From now on, I'll send him with a small snack or energy bar that he can eat on the way home (50 minutes) on nights we're running.

We did get the ten/five/ten/five in, but the 15/5/15/5 wasn't going to work. We're going to give it a go again tonight. We've got our training schedule all laid out for the marathon and it includes an extra week. On Saturday and Sunday we had toyed with giving ourselves that extra week to do the ten/fives again. I guess we're compromising and starting the 15's midweek. That's how we did it with the five-minute runs in the beginning. Somehow we have to shift our week around so that the new week begins on Monday.

Our preliminary and our marathon training never have us running more than 4 days per week. Right now we're planning on Monday evening, Wednesday before work, Thursday evening, with the long run of the week on Saturday. With the combination of evenings and a morning, we always have at least a day and a half between runs and a full day off before and after the long run. Seeing that we've never done a long run before and we're not really running any mileage yet, this schedule is just what we think will work for us. The only problem I see is that we're going to have trouble doing that Wednesday run consistently in the morning. I guess that's not a problem.....we can just run it at night if we have to.

I'd love to hear your input if you see any major flaws in this schedule. What has worked for you and what has been a disaster---and why?


Terri said...

I think I like your schedule. It's a good idea to have some rest built up in there. You might want to take one of those days where you now have "total rest" and change it to an "active rest" day - and work on core-strengthening, and other types of strengthening exercises. They say that there is a definite advantage to doing that at least one day a week in addition to the running regimen.

Or, you could do cross training on that 5th day. That still gives you two full days of "complete rest" for the week. I have found that that active rest is making me stronger over time.

By the way, I do now what Jim is going to be doing - eating something on the way home from work. I find it helps out a lot, since usually by the time I leave I could scarf down an entire package of oreos if they were placed in front of me.

Ames said...

I have heard that many people just cannot run after eating a meal and that first thing in the morning is ideal. That is my goal, but you never know what might come up, especially if there are little ones around.

Alissa said...

Your schedule looks good. You can always leave Wednesday flexible. Try to get up in the morning, but if you don't then do it Wednesday night. You will still have 24 hours until the next run and thats plenty of time for your body to recover.

About eating before you run. I think every person is different so you just have to experiment. The first few years that I was running, I couldn't eat anything significant during the hour or two before my run or I would get sick to my stomach. I would prefer to run on an empty stomach. Today, its totally different! Now I could an entire subway sandwich 30 minutes before heading out and feel great. Its weird, but my stomach has really toughened up. Now I hate running on an empty stomach.

Lark said...

You write very well.