Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Looking Like I Earned It

When we go to the Y to run, the machines only let you do an hour at a time, then you have to restart the stupid things. The other night I just restarted it after 4 miles so I didn't have to do it mid-mile. I ran down the hall (literally) to use the ladies room (hey, I'm 49, REMEMBER??) and then jumped back on the machine and restarted it. By then my face was red, my hair was dripping with sweat, my shirt was a bit soaked and I was looking a tad like I was dying. Just after that, someone jumped on an exercise machine close to me....probably looked at my machine and thought, "holy moley---this lady looks like she's going to pass out and she's only done three tenths of a mile!" Let's be honest here.....you ALWAYS sneak a peak at the console of everyone else's treadmill to see how fast and far they're going! Don't you? Well, call it vanity, but when I've already done a few miles and look like it, I want the machine to SAY SO!

In fact, I want the treadmill to say, "Hey....this lady over here is working her formerly enormous derrierre off and she's already run 4 miles this evening!!!" It should preface that announcement with one of those horrible long, obnoxious noises like on the 'emergency broadcast system'---just so everyone is paying attention. I hope, however, that it keeps the speed details of my runs to itself.

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Terri said...

ha ha ha - oh my god, you are so right (and by the way, I've had to jump off before for the bathroom too and looked like I am dying from sweat, and I'm 35!) So you're not alone... ;-)