Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tuesday-3, Thursday-5, Friday-3, Sunday - 10!!!!!

Just about 7 hours from now, I will do my very first double-digit run! I'm so excited! I pretty much sailed through my short runs this week. Yeah, of course they were work but just not killers like when I first started.

TEN miles. Wow! I went on a late night Gatorade run. I'm all stocked up on Cliff Bars, Sport Beans, and my personal favorite...the PayDay Sport Bar. Son#3 is actually running with us tomorrow. He hasn't run in over a month but I'm sure he'll hardly be sweating as he completes his ten miles in half the time it takes us. Ah, youth!

I just hope I'm at least this excited tomorrow AFTER the run! I'll keep ya'll posted.


Wendy said...

Good luck! You can do it!!!

I'm going to try and beat the heat today and do mine in about half an hour.

Anonymous said...

I haven't even heard of a PayDay Sport Bar... I need to look into that one!

Terri said...

so how'd it go?! That's awesome. i remember how excited I was to say I could do double digits, it's pretty friggin cool!

And I know the feeling of being related to someone who runs about twice as fast as you! :-)

Anonymous said...

How did it go?? I remember when I reached double digits for the first time, it was great!!

Sis. Julie said...

I pray you did what you set out to do. How did you do? I'm so proud of you!! I know I couldn't do it...nor do I even want to attempt to try. Running is definitely not my thing.