Monday, August 25, 2008

Of Course!!!

No sooner do I order the Garmin and Murphy's law goes into effect.

Son #2 called from Mt. Pleasant and some idiot apparently smashed in his windshield in the CMU parking lot overnight. Grrrrr. It's a beater so we don't have comprehensive coverage on it. There goes another $200.

Jim ended up staying at work until early this morning. When he finally came out to go home, he had a flat. The tire had a huge shard of metal in it and couldn't be repaired. We had to replace that tire, and the front ones were pretty bad so we just had to do the whole thing. Say goodbye to another $300.

I'm just glad I had saved up for the Garmin before I ordered it. Now I'm not panicked about all the other stuff. It's just a pain.

Tomorrow I'm doing my run before my day begins so I'm not thinking of excuses not to run it all day. After all, what's a piddly four miles, right?


SueBob said...

Sorry to hear about the car issues. Why does everything have to hit at once?

Doesn't it feel good to say JUST a 4 mile run? Your have come so far already - I am happy to see you making such progress!

Terri said...

Karen, I am right there with you. That always seems to happen to us too. When my husband bought the Garmin for me, he wrote a long card also saying he had paid for it with bonus money so I wouldn't stress.

I guess, at least your son is healthy and not hurt. That's the silver lining.

Anonymous said...

"After all, what's a piddly four miles, right? "

Did you really just said that? WOW!