Monday, August 18, 2008

Training Report and a Request for Advice

This was an interesting week but I learned a lot. When it came time for Tuesday's 4-miler, I was still too exhausted from last Sunday's long run and my legs just weren't up for it. I did it on Wednesday instead. I ran the 6 early Friday morning and had one of my best runs ever. I didn't want to run both days leading up to my long run so I skipped the last 4-miler.

Sunday's scheduled run was a 12-miler. We started at the Y parking lot again. I REALLY struggled this time.....not with pain, I just felt like I was at the top of my effort level cardio-wise....and I wasn't going fast at all. We run by the car at the 6.7 mile mark to get fresh water bottles, throw down some gatorade, etc. By the time we hit the car this time, Jim's hamstring was killing him as well as his heels and the prudent thing for him to do was stop before he did real damage. So, he was done for the day. Let me tell you how much I DIDN'T want to keep going. It was getting so hot out (we got started WAY too late again) and the run was almost beating me anyway. I decided to finish the rest of the mileage on the treadmill now that the Y was open and I was about 30 yards from the door.

So, Jim took little Carrie out for breakfast while I ran inside and ran the rest of the mileage. I must confess that I fizzled at the 11-mile mark. I just had no more in my tank. Couldn't do it. Besides, I had just run almost 7 miles outside and I knew I smelled (sorry) and the Y was filling up. I didn't want to be that smelly person on the treadmill that was bowling over the person next to me.

I grabbed a McDonald's chicken sandwich on the way home along with a sugar-free vanilla iced coffee. Both tasted like the ultimate feast. When I got home, I filled up the tub with ice water and soaked for 20 minutes, right in my running clothes with my crossword puzzle and a cup of hot tea. I will do this after EVERY long run because I have zero pain today!

Lessons learned this week:

1) Stick to scheduled running days so I don't throw my week off.
2) Don't do a long run without Endurolytes.
3) Get the long run started much earlier or expect to die of heatstroke (I'm a heat-wimp).

Now, for the advice. I would like to get my dearest a cool running gadget like a Garmin or Nike+ for his birthday. I am woefully ignorant in this area. What gps-type gadget do you use? What do you like or not like about it? What would you change? If you were making the purchase all over again, what would you get? What are the features I don't want to do without? Thanks in advance for your help.


tiny frog said...

definitely go with a Garmin and get either the 205 or the 305. stay away from the new 405 as i have heard a lot of issues with it.

you can get the 205 or 305 really cheap on ebay!!!

I dont know a lot of people with Nike+ but those that i do know, to me it seems like it doesnt track as well.

SueBob said...

I currently have the Nike+, which I loved up until recently. I think it is great for a very casual runner that already uses the ipod. It is easy to use and doesn't require you to carry anything extra (assuming you are taking the ipod already of course). However, it's accuracy isn't that great (particularly when you are talking about longer runs) and it doesn't have very many features. So, for a basic set-up it is a cheap addition to an ipod. However, I wouldn't recommend buying the ipod or sportband just to use the Nike+ system.

Now that I am going longer distances, and incorporating speedwork, pacing, etc I have outgrown the Nike+ system. I would love one of the new Garmins. I would definately vote for a Garmin for him.

Anonymous said...

I use Garmin 405 and absolutely love it! I don't have any issue with it. Yes, 305 is much cheaper and is capable of displaying 4 columns, instead of 405's 3 (I set it to show HR, Pace, Time). I used it 2 half marathons and was satisfied with accuracy.

Nike+ is nice and cheap, but without a regular calibration, it won't be accurate. I used to use it and was happy when it said 10 miles.... later found out it was more like 8 miles. If you don't wear Nike+ ready shoes, there are some inexpensive attachments out there.

Laura Marie said...

i am am heat-whimp myself and surprisingly i've found enough self-motivation to get my runs done before work...we're talking around the 5:30 am mark. eh, it just means i get to go to bed a 1000x earlier which, in my mind, is a wonderful feeling. Plus, you dont have to dread thinking about your run all day at work.

motivation wise...i would suggest some different routes, and thats what's so great about the Nike+. I have one and it is fantastic. I just run without having any idea how far i'm really going and then before i even know it, BOOM...i'm done! BEST $29 spent. You can even set it for how long you want to run and it gives you your mileage along the way...that, and or a time you want to run for.

good luck with the rest of your runs. i'm sure to keep up with your blog

Jenn said...

Good job on the runs! I use the Nike + and love it. Regarding accuracy, I haven't had too much of a problem. For my long runs, I usually map out the mileage in the car first so I know the Nike + is on target.

jlou said...

I have a Nike+ and I'm happy enough with it, but that's about as far as my love for it goes. I just can't get it calibrated as well as I'd like. I also feel like the controls are annoyingly touchy, but I guess that's more of an ipod issue than a nike+ one. That being said, if you already have an ipod it's pretty cheap and small. My husband's is very accurate for him, so maybe I just struggle with the calibration process.

Alissa said...

I have the nike plus and I enjoy all the fun little tracking and tools that come with the nike+ website. I have it calibrated and it seems to be pretty accurate. I ran with a friend who has a garmin last week on our long run of 13 miles. At the end, her garmin said 13.3 mi and my Nike+ said 13.8. So it was a half mile off over 13 miles, not too bad.

That being said, I am kind of at the point where I really want a garmin because the real time pace reading would make my speed workouts so much easier. Its the most accurate thing on the market.

If you get a garmin, make sure you look at I think they have the best prices. I think the 305 is going for about 140 right now. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have a Nike+ and and I think it's nice and not too bad. But you get what you pay for... I has gone crazy a couple of times on me, giving me some distance or pace feedback that is waaaaay off; after recalibrating it goes back to normal to it's semi-accurate ways. I say it's not a bad purchase, good for beginners or if you want it more of a guide instead of something more exact.
Most people that get a Nike+ eventually want to get a Garmin (I know I want one), so if you can afford it, I'd say go for the garmin.

Terri said...

yay, another endurolyte evangelist!!! do not feel bad - with the way it sounds like you were feeling, you were a champ to make it to 11. do you remember when you started out, and the thought of running that far was incomprehensible?!