Monday, July 21, 2008

Pushing Onward, Pushing Up, and Pushing 50

Last night's run was SEVEN miles. I realize this is not a huge distance for most of you, but even six months ago, my perception was that running a single mile was almost as impossible as teaching my cat to do the cha-cha or teleporting myself to the moon.

Jim and I are still running together, but using a little different methods. I'm not sure if it's because of my age and hormones, but I just get so roasting hot when I run, I almost can't take it. I am plenty hydrated, but I think I just don't sweat enough. Anyway, I find it most beneficial to do the Jeff Galloway method, where I insert a bit of walking. Jim keeps an incredibly steady pace and does zero walking. We finish our run at the same time. We're both pretty slow, but our goal for the marathon is to finish. Period. I have to overcome the feeling that I'm somehow cheating or shortcutting 'real' fitness/running when I interject some walking. Then I remember that I'm not doing this to impress anyone or get some kind of runner's credential card.....I'm just getting in shape and doing it the way that will help me stick with the program and finish the distance.

Today is a recovery day so we're going to start some weights & core exercises. We've also decided to do what many of you have done ----- commit to this ridiculous 100 push-up challenge. Running, mountain bikes, push-ups? Wow! I guess my routine has changed a bit.


Kate said...

Seven Miles is great! I just ran 6 miles for the first time yesterday and was so excited that I was able to complete it without walking once!

The heat and humidity around here lately has sure been a stinker hasn't it?

Wendy said...

Yay! Congrats on the 7 miles! I was literally DRIPPING in sweat last night when I finished mine. I envy your treadmill love...I just can't do it.

Happy week 4!

jlou said...

Great job with the 7 miles!

Terri said...

Hi Karen,

Seven miles is a long distance, regardless of who we are! you are doing so great, and don't feel bad about the walking. I am doingthe same thing occasionally and finding that when I start up, I feel stronger. My running partner has the same view as your husband - she doesn't walk much either for fear that she won't start up again.

Everyone does this differently, but we are all still getting off of the couch. You should be very proud of yourself, seriously. I'm proud of you.

Ames said...

You are NOT cheating. You are NOT cheating.

Cheating is sitting on the couch, watching movies, drinking pop, and consuming enough fat and calories for a family of six.