Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Seeing that we are now supposedly real athletes, we decided we needed something to do on our non-running days. It couldn't just be something inexpensive like doing push-ups. No. We decided to go out and get mountain bikes. This is definitely the year of "WHAT COULD I POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN THINKING?"

Actually, this gives us something to do with our 6-year-old and our older 'kids' (I'm sure they'll be hoping we'll pony up for bikes for them{{eye roll}}. We've got some great trails about 15 minutes away in almost any direction. My daughter is absolutely aghast that I purchased a 'boys bike'. I'm just aghast that my helmet is so geeky looking. And I'm still trying to figure out how you put a derriere the size of Texas on a bike seat that's smaller than Rhode Island.


Anonymous said...

A couple couldn’t-resist comments from Karen’s sister:

Karen really does make THE best spaghetti sauce. The downside to being the Sauce Queen is that she gets a phone call from me every single time I drag out my mega-pot and open a can of tomatoes (only Hunts per Karen).

I call Karen my “sister who knows everything.” Please note, this is very different from thinking she knows everything. Karen is about the most humble, balanced, and kind person you’d ever want to meet. She just happens to knows lots about lots and definitely should do Jeapordy.

More relevant to this blog, Karen absolutely has what it takes to go the marathon distance. In three months and ten days I plan to be at the finish line when she crosses, and just thinking of that moment and her accomplishment has me in tears as I type. 26.2 couldn’t happen to a better person. You go, Karen!

SueBob said...

Wow, if that comment doesn't encourage you to keep going, I don't know what would! It sounds like you have a great family backing you on this challenge Karen.

Karen said...

Wow! Thanks dearest sister! That was so encouraging. However, you must have me confused with someone else(except for the spaghetti sauce, of course.{{tee hee}})
I feel about as competent to do this as Larry, Moe, and Curly. But be that as it may, I'm still going for it. So nice to have family to spur me on......even though I'm not sure Mom & Dad really think I can go through with this :-)

Pokey said...

I think the bikes are a great idea!!!

And your sis is great!! Where can I get one like her?? ;)

Terri said...

If it makes you feel any better, I ride on a girl's huffy bike, and my helmet is a kid's size. Kind of like my camelbak, the hot pink thing. So don't worry about feeling geeky, i'd say I have (almost) the market cornered on that one....

Your sister sounds great by the way.

Karen said...

Yes, everyone....I am SO blessed to have a sister like that. She is an amazing woman, has accomplished SO much, is a great mom, and has a heart of pure gold.

Her podiatrist won't let her run on pavement so last year she ran along with the marathon on her machine indoors.....but did 40 (FORTY!!!) miles just because she figured the indoor treadmill made the mileage easier. (I must admit that when she told me that, I did question her sanity.)

She was the one who got me thinking that I should train for this marathon. What a great idea!