Thursday, July 17, 2008

Treadmill, AGAIN!

Why do I feel like a wimp when I do my runs on a treadmill? Unlike a lot of you, I kind of like the treadmill at the distances I'm doing now. Maybe it's because I don't have a Garmin or reasonable facsimile. I like knowing my pace, exact distance, time, etc. I like knowing exactly where I stand (uh, that would be figuratively, not literally---I can usually figure out my location!!!)

Thursday nights are just one of those times when all of our sons(aka babysitters) are either working or going somewhere so the treadmill at the YMCA just works. Carrie can go to kid's club and play in the gym and we can get in a decent run. Tonight was beastly outside...both hot AND the Y was a good option on all counts.

My four-miler went very well. I'm looking forward to SEVEN this Sunday but nervous as well. It just hit me today that in about 6 weeks, Jim and I are planning on running a Labor Day 30K. AAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhh! We're actually planning on walking the last few miles simply because we won't be up to 18 miles in our training yet and we don't want to overdo it. (yeah....that's right...we're old wimps and proud of it!!) By the way....this race will go through one of the State Recreation Areas which will be loaded with deerflies. Have any of you found any effective repellants for those stupid things? They tend not to go for me but they LOVE my dearest husband.

Enough for tonight. I'm going to go eat a plateful of fresh mango, blueberries, raspberries, and peaches. Jealous? You should be. They're awesome!

Happy running!


jodes said...

I've been craving blueberries since last night and that last line of yours isn't helping any. Treadmills are great when the weather is nasty hot like it has been. I love my treadmill. I like knowing that when I'm done running I'm home (its in the basement). Plus you get the nice AC and fan blowing on you. Wonder if that makes me wimpy.....

Good luck on Sunday's 7 miler! :o)

Kate said...

Hi There! I just started reading your blog, I think we're from near the same area (being your doing the Detroit Marathon), and I'm a new runner, so I thought I would introduce myself and say hi!

And good luck on the 7 miler this weekend, you'll do great!

jlou said...

I like the treadmill too. I think it's because when I'm actually outside, I can see the distance in front of me that I still have to run. On the treadmill, it's just a number.