Thursday, July 3, 2008

Six Random Things

I have been tagged by Amy, Alien on the Run, and Ama,

1. Jim and I have five kids, the last of which was born when I was 42(my only girl). The first four kids (all boys) were all born within five and a half years. They were all homeschooled through 7th grade. All four of them will be in college (all different years & schools) in the fall($$$$--just shoot me).

2. I am a closet Jeopardy contestant wanna-be. I would apply, but I'd get on the show and that night the questions would all be about the movies or opera, both of which I care for very little (okay, I HATE them both)

3. I am a bit obsessive about doing the NY Times Sunday crossword puzzle each week. I usually keep them around until I'm able to solve them....even if I have to put them away for a while and look at them with fresh eyes a few weeks later.

4. I don't own and never will own a credit card and I will never again take out a car loan. Been there, done that, paid a LOooooNG time for the T-shirt! (sometime I will post pictures of the paid-for-hence-stress-free vehicles [I use that term loosely] that we drive as well as the well-rested look on my face that comes from being debt-free [except for our mortgage.]

5. I make the BEST spaghetti sauce. Don't even question it. Italians have got nothing on me. I'm not even the least bit modest about it either. Don't even get me started about my apple pie :-) No, really, DON'T!

6. If you came and stole my TV, I would probably send you a thank-you note. I watch a few HGTV shows and Jeopardy occasionally, but would spend all of about 37 seconds mourning the loss should it turn up missing or broken. (Oh, wait a minute....I need that thing for my Wii Fit!)

We're running out of bloggy runners to tag at this point so I will only be tagging a few: Alissa at Balancing Act (she has a great running blog), ShopJogBlog, (the only other blogger I know of that's planning on doing the Detroit Marathon), and the ladies over at We Run Like Girls (because I think they could all use an 'atta girl' at this point in their training from some other runners).

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Alissa said...

Awww thanks for the blog complement! I'm flattered. I love your blog too! Stay tuned for my 6 random things..

Laura said...

I will def do this. I really enjoyed reading your blog, you make me laugh out loud. can you teach me how to do the ny times cross word? It is so dang hard. 4 boys huh? Wow. And you had your baby girl. that is amazing, you have a good story.