Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Running - Dufus Style

I looked in the mirror this morning before going out to walk. Oh my! I really need to get some sweats. I'm looking like a serious newbie dufus. I've been walking in a pair of lightweight cords with an old 3/4 length sleeve tee on, an Old Navy velour vest with my cell phone in the pouch (making my belly look bigger and misshapen)and some $1-a-pair knit gloves. Nothing wrong with the outfit per se, just a little ridiculous looking for running. I had to laugh. I spent a small fortune on my shoes, but the grand total for the rest of the outfit probably came in just under what I got the laces for. Not that it matters. I just know I looked like a dufus. All I need now are some big 70's-style aviator sunglasses to complete the look.

If you're ever in town, stop and say hello. Just look for the ancient, overweight dufus huffing and puffing while plodding ever-so-slowly over the terrain. For now anyway. Just wait!


Ames said...

Come on, we have to have a picture of that.

Karen said...

With or without the sunglasses?

Ames said...

To preserve your anonymity, you had better do with.