Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ahhh! What a difference!

Since I tend to be ridiculously frugal when it comes to frivolous purchases, my dearest husband insisted that I spend some serious money and buy decent running shoes. I went into Running Fit, fully expecting to be a little bit of a cheapskate. When I walked in, I told the guy I needed help, I had never run before and I want to get a pair of running shoes. Him and another girl watched my steps for a few minutes then went in the back and pulled out about six pairs of shoes. I tried every one of them on. Usually when I do something like this, without even looking at prices, I generally find that the one thing I like best ends up being least expensive. Ha! Not this time. These blasted shoes were twice what I wanted to spend. I remembered my dearest's words. I remembered that my mom & sisters both have foot troubles. I remembered that I'm 49 and have never owned a pair of shoes worth more than $30. I realized that I've never spent a dime on anything sports-wise for myself. Then..........................I did it. I plunked down that debit card and bought them.

I just took them for a test drive. Oh my. Wow! They were amazingly comfortable. Now, more than ever, I'm really committed. I'm cheaper than I am lazy. I'm not spending that much on running shoes and not using them.

So, I've got a bib#, some shoes that are way out of my league, a supportive husband, and I'm on schedule to run that marathon in October. Wahoo!

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