Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ta Da!

Drumroll, please!

I (pathetic, non-athlete that I am)








We jumped straight to the 25 minutes of running. I can't wait to do it again....and yes, I'm going to do the fun run on Saturday!


chris said...

Wonderful news, Karen! I am so excited for you! Good luck on the fun run and let us know how it turns out.

jlou said...

Wooo hoooo!!! That's so awesome!

Alissa said...

Thats so exciting! Doesn't it feel great to break your own record? I'm addicted to that feeling. Its the reason I keep running. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

YAAAHOOO!! keep it up girl!! sonn you'll have to change your blog name!

Amy said...

HOOTYHOO! Doesn't that 2 mile point make you feel like a real runner for some reason?!?

SueBob said...

Wow, that is so great! Congratulations!!

I am sure you will have a great time at the race.

NANCI said...

I found your blog somewhat by accident. I am a nonrunner entering a runner's world as well. Congrats on your accomplishement. I am coming off a month or so break in my running as I prepare for the USMC marathon this October. I am using the same book. I will follow your blog and if youe would like you can follow mine as well.

Ames said...

Big round of applause.

Tom@RunnersLounge said...

Way to go, Karen!

You're enjoying the progress and success of running.

By the way, you ARE A RUNNER, and you'll continue to enjoy even greater success.

If you decide to run that 5k this weekend, just run it easy and for the experience.

Keep up your great work!