Saturday, February 2, 2008

Third Training Day of Week 1

As lame as it may seem to anyone out there who is in any kind of shape at all, today was an accomplishment for me. I actually finished this week's training. Three days, 30 minutes, 17 min/mi pace.

I actually learned something this morning, too. Never run in cold weather without Kleenex. You aren't the only thing running.

Today was good. Though I can't say I thoroughly enjoyed it, I was able to push myself and get back 4.5 minutes earlier than usual. It felt good to push ahead of my required pace.

As a side note, just so everyone knows, I don't care about pace once it gets to the marathon. My goal is to finish....running, walking, or crawling....unfortunately I think the third option is probably more likely. I was at the marathon website the other day and I started panicking a little. This is a pretty cool marathon. It crosses the border with Canada twice, you run underneath the Detroit River, take a spin on Belle Isle, etc. Unfortunately, if you don't reach the first border crossing by a certain time, they come and pick you up and your race is over. I can just see it now. "okay, let's go pick up all the marathoner-wanna-be-losers" that just wasted their registration fees. I mean, come on......I'm sure no one who starts the marathon thinks they're going to be one of the 'picked-up-ones'. Oh, well. There are certainly worse things in life.

Week One training: Complete!


Ames said...

Funny post. I want to be a runner. But, I am not sure I have it in me. AND, I am concerned about the impact on joints and knees. Thoughts? Are you having any problems.

Karen said...


I am not having any problems yet, but again, I just started.

If you have a chance, go to the bookstore and browse the book I reference on the right hand side of the log. They talk about that a LOT in the book and the training and pre-training are both set up so that your joints, skeletal system, and heart all work into this gradually. Trust me. It's REALLY gradual. I am not, nor have I ever been anything that comes close to resembling an athlete. If you are interested at all in doing a marathon...or even if you don't , get the book. It's fun and motivational even for me....who wouldn't have even thought of running down the block to get an ice cream cone a year ago.

I've had 5 kids, so my body has been strained, stretched, and my knees were worthless after my fifth was born. No problems with the training yet. I'll keep you posted.

Karen said..., uh....that was "right hand side of the" BLOG, not log.


Ames said...

I have the. . .let's say memoirs of several pregnancies myself, not to mention cookies and ice cream. I think I could bring myself to run half a block if it was really good ice cream in a dipped waffle cone. But, I digress. That book does intrigue me. Maybe I'll walk to the book store and peruse it. Although, even the thought of running 26.2 miles makes me feel a little queasy.

Sis. Julie said...

Congratulations on completing your first week of training. It isn't important right now how long it took you is it? I know it will matter later...but I'm just proud that you completed it in one week!! Keep it up Sis!!