Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scheduling - The Preemptive Strike

Having a budget keeps one from losing financial control. Having a daily training schedule will keep pathetic runners from having a disastrous training week like I did last week. So here's the deal:

Tuesday 7:30 am 1st run/walk of the week.
Wednesday 7:30 am 2nd training session
Thursday 8:30 treadmill and weight training
Friday 8:30 final weekly walk

I have to spell this out now or it won't happen. This week I am not walking on Monday (today) as it is currently two degrees BELOW zero with a wind chill of -17. I would like to keep all my fingers and toes intact so I'm not budging.

The fam and I will be in Chicago the latter half of the week so I have planned to use the exercise room in the hotel for those days.

Last week was disastrous because I didn't plan ahead. So.....every Monday I will post what the schedule is for that week and then please beat me over the head if I don't stick to it!!!!

Pardon me for taking so long to get my act together here. Then again, I suppose that is what this blog is for; helping me figure out how to do this right and then hopefully helping other people avoid any stupid mistakes I was not smart enough to get around.

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