Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The White Flag

The decision isn't one I'm happy with, but it is probably the one that makes the most sense in the long run(no pun intended). I've decided not to sacrifice the long term for the short term. There's no way I'll be able to run 26.2 this weekend without doing some real damage. This is killing my pride. I really wanted to do this.

I'm still so glad that I've had the marathon in front of me for the last 6 months. It pushed me to do things I never, EVER dreamed possible. Me, run 13.5 miles ? Never! But I did it. And did it more than once! Me, run four times a week? Never! But I did-----every week until I couldn't! This was an eye-opening experience for me. I've learned never to assume that I CAN'T do something.

Through this whole experience I've learned that lifetime runners are some of the most gracious people around. I've always wrongly assumed that they were an elitist group of Type-A's who thumbed their noses at us mere mortals. Boy, was I wrong! Everyone I've met through this blog has been encouraging, helpful, motivating, considerate, and lots of fun! I've learned that runners run for a million different reasons, and that they come in all shapes & sizes. I've also learned that they're a readily accepting group that loves to share their sport with newbies like me. It's been a great experience. Thank you!

I'll be posting periodically but mostly just checking in on how everyone's fall races are going.


Jill Will Run said...

Take care of yourself! It seems like you've already got a lot out of your marathon experience, just keep remembering those benefits and do what your body allows! We're all proud of you for expanding beyond the limits you thought you had!

jlou said...

I'm sorry that you won't be able to go through with the marathon just yet like you were planning, but I think you're making a wise choice. Not doing the marathon doesn't take anything away from the AMAZING accomplishments you've made already.

Terri said...

I agree with Jill and Jlou - you are making the right, long-term decision. So you do it next year, rather than this year - that's not such a big deal. And you'll get to do it with Jim, and you'll have an awesome time. And you might even run it faster than you otherwise would have.

Whatever you do, don't stop running - keep it up, and please PLEASE keep blogging - I have loved reading your posts. You've contributed a lot too, you know.

Anonymous said...

Whether you run a marathon right now or not is not really the big important issue here. You managed to do all sort of things that you used to believe you could never achieve, and THAT'S what's important here.

You started something, you started a change in your life and the important thing is that now that you started moving, you stay moving. Just keep up running, take it easy if you have to, but never stop. Keep being a great source of inspiration for everyone around you and here in blogland. After all, if you keep up running, how can any of us stop? so keep up running!!!