Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's just a mile, but it's progress!

Guess what? I ran a mile at my physical therapy appointment the other day! This was encouraging to me no matter what happens with the marathon. I was scared that I was losing
all my cardio, etc. It felt so good to RUN! It didn't tire me out and my legs felt good. I think I might be able to do a little real running this weekend. Woohoo!

I'm not deciding anything for sure until the week before the marathon. Terri said "you only do your first marathon once"......and that really gave me something to think about. I don't want to start the marathon if I'm fairly certain I can't finish. I would rather do it next year, with Jim, and finish with my head held high than feel like I've failed because I stopped partway through this one. If I'm able to do a half decent run over the next week, I will consider going ahead and running 26.2 We shall see.

I've learned a lot over the last few months. If I do postpone my first until next fall, there are things I would change in my training. First of all, I would be cross-training from the start. I am convinced that not cross-training was probably responsible for both of our problems. The muscles we use for running were the only ones getting stronger. That's a problem seeing that I was fairly sedentary up to the commencement of my training. The PT has been having me to some exercises to strengthen my other leg muscles and I'm just like jelly when I'm done.....because I'm so darn weak.

The other thing I'd do is stretch after every run. I don't think I really ever stretched. Not good.

This has been quite an adventure and it's not over yet. It felt good to come home the other day from the PT and be all excited because I could run a mile. Being deprived of the running made me realize that I have fallen in love with it. I don't think I can go back to being a couch potato again.


Ames said...

What a cool post! I am so happy for you.

(but I am still waiting for the car picture, your meme, AND my e-mail)

SueBob said...

I am so glad to hear you are feeling better...and able to do a little running.

But I am especially happy to know that you have fallen in love with the run, for the run itself and not just to complete the marathon.

I have heard that you don't really lose fitness until 4 weeks (which is probably why most taper periods are 2-3 weeks long). You are the best judge on whether your body is ready to conquer the big 26.2 though...I am sure you will make the right call when the time comes.

Terri said...

I think you've got the right handle on this. My teammate from TNT decided to do the half-marathon last weekend rather than the full because she didn't want to be in pain the whole way and then never want to do a marathon again. And to be able to do it with your husband, well that would make it all the better. I firmly believe I had such a positive experience last weekend because of being able to run it with my brother and just enjoying the day and the moment.